Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Time flies...

Hair For Hospice - Penang Hospice-At-Home ProgrammeFor all my post from now on until Nov, I will keep this small caption on the Hair For Hospice Charity Campaign that I am helping my friend Peter to spread the word.

You can click here to link to the Hair For Hospice post or visit Peter's blog.

Please help to spread the word by sending the link below to your friends. I thank you from the bottom my heart.


~~~~~~~~~~~Now Back to regular yak yak~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I was watching TV a couple of minutes ago and Patrick Teoh was hosting a show called Jazz Cafe. I think it was a cheap imitation by TV2 on the 8TV's latte at 8... but that is not the point. The point here is Patrick Teoh.

The man himself...Patrick .... I salute thee

He has got good strong voice, deep, good sense of humour and great command of English.. not so much of the false accent thing but more to the good Old English.

Listening to his voice again after so many years brought back memories of my not so distant childhood (well that is still relative depending who I am talking to). I remember when I used to tune in to Radio 4 FM98.7 in Penang as I lay my head down to sleep....Hearing his voice over the small transistor or cassette player that I had..(well I gradually upgraded it to Walkman), while I prepare to board the train to dreamland... it is somehow soothing....and assuring. I think it was a nightly thing. But I do remember that one of the programme that he hosted was a call-in ghost story programme... past midnight... so it was pretty hair raising listening to callers calling in.

But today as I listen back to his deep and strong voice, I reminded that it was almost 10 years or more that I recalled that memory. Time has just flown by come to think about it. Or maybe I have taken it for granted? (which I think it is a combination of both and like they say "Time flies when you happy and enjoying yourself")

Hey I just realise that he has a blog .. here too !!! OMG... I am not sure this is his blog coz no photo of his or other real-life photo lah...... at least Afdlin Shauki's has his own photo with his selambakodok...Anyway I think I will leave the link on.. I think it is leggit.... I have surfing while blogging anyway...

To the man behind the awesome voice and entertainment on un-earthly hours entertaining me, smoothen my ride to dreamland.... Patrick Teoh.... I salute thee


helen said...

Finding me,

Aiyah!! Now only u found Patrik's blog ar?? Quick go and read his entries.. he is very good... he reminded me of TV Smith. (why TV Smith seldom write already har??)


ks said...

I used to listen to the ghost stories broadcast too. I think it was on Thursdays... Those days only one station... Radio Four!