Sunday, November 20, 2005

Off to Taiwan

Hey.. finally I get to travel on business trip to Taiwan.... Bummer in certain ways... great because I get to travel on company expense to visit other manufaturing facility other than Penang. I will be flying out tomorrow morning... early. I might not be blogging then unless I can find free line in the hotel room which I heard from other colleagues who went that they have.

I think I will blog a bit about the bummer part. (**CENSORED 14 Dec 2006** somethings are better left unsaid in the cyberworld.... less we face complication later on).... will not talk about that anymore...for now.

Anyhow... I will try to take a bit more pictures to share with you guys. I know I know... remember to take pictures of chics right ??? Haiya... same request from all single ... no make that not married mah lat loh and mah lat chai... hahhhhah

See ya.. and take care

Friday, November 11, 2005

Hey hey Check this out

Yo yo ppl. Check out the leng chai number two (courtesy of Really Bites)

Malaysian Jean Luc Picard of USS Koperasi aka Peter Tan's First Mate, Spock Bryan

Check out the Spock ear too... Great job man !!! Very 60ish style man. I will try to compile all the baldies photo and make into one awesome one.. heheheh

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What a day ???!!!!

Well today started for me as usual, trying to grease my butt off the dreamland. Anyhow I was running late again. That is not the worst part yet. Walk to my car parked at Solok Pekaka near the mosque, I saw that my driver side lock is up when specifically I knew it was down last night when I parked it... I peered in side... Damn it!!!

Before I tell story about the break in. I would like to say something nice first. I was browsing through Kit's blog on the day I found out the Hazleen (one of the commentor on Kit's blog) is actually working in the same company as I am.

What a small world... I wanted to meet her before she leave today (last day mah).. adn finally get to talk to her and meet her... talk about impromptu ultra-mini blog meet. I mean she is a nice person.... and great to talk to her. I just wished that I have gotten the opportunity to talk to her more as a fellow blogger.

So... Hazleen.... This is to you... a new found friend... from just a few short talk and chat session with you.. I think you are a cool person. And good luck in Japan, Hazleen-san. Ogenkide (translation take care of yourself). Do keep in touch, mate !!!

Back to the story....

My car has been broken into and ransaked like siao. The thief tried to made off with my cheapo brand CD player that came with my car. But thank goodness he can't manage to get it off the bracket... he end up messing up the whole front panel of the CD player... buttons, chips of plastic is eevrywhere...

I lost a pair of very cheap sunglasses... but the damn thief didn't even take my Baleno clip on sunglasses... I was like huh ??!! Dumbass retard.... Before you think other wise... my car is a Toyota Corolla one.... ok ok 20 years Corolla LE... vely old one... and the damn dumbass retard of a thief also want to break in.....K** N** !!!!

Feel so violated liao, being in the same space with an intruder to your little space.. just different time frame. I mean why go an break into an old car lah wei.... I think maybe the place I park is a way bit too dark. Or maybe he thinks that usuallly old car don't have alarm... more about that later.

Came home a bit late the previous night.... so as usual Taman Pekaka area ... damn chia lat one.. no more place to park... so I thought near mosque and got people come and go should be safe and plus it is an old car. I was wrong. Today onwards I am going to park in brightly lit area preferably in front of some house facing it. Even I had to walk long distance.

And I just spend RM 270 on central locking and car alarm. At the very least, it will scare other itchy finger away. What I am most tu lan (translation pig's testicle) is that if he made of with the CD player sure pissed but leaving in dangling in pieces... aw man.. come one lah. And after I assemble it back... missing one button Damn!!!!

Anyway I will be going back to the shop again to ask the guy fix the wiring to my car meter light and rear light... didn't seems to work...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Finally ... Off with his Hair

Finally, Peter "Kojak" Tan aka Malaysia Lex Luthor aka Professor X has finally done it. Doing all for the sake of charity and Hospice. More info here and here. For a full story, click here

So here is one of the leng chai before and after (Courtesy of Peter Tan)


After.... Malaysian Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Koperasi

And now, as we awaits the more leng chai's and a leng lui with shaven heads

Peter, my friend... you are one of a kind. With people like you, and many great people... too.... I believe this is where the balance lies.... the ray of hope for humanity in the madness of today's world of high speed pursuit of materialistic and egoistic wealth.

There is hope after all .... for all of us. Knowing that the world will not spiral to damnation at breakneck speed, is a comforting thought. Peter, you have always put into perspective and reality check into things, we "modern" people take for granted. Issues that are morally and humanly wrong and illogical are put in their rightful place though people may in their closed mind think otherwise....

Note : To these type of people, ..... I really wanted to say (*insert profanity*)... But hey I couldn't be bothered by your small mindedness and pettyness... you have the right to be under your own "tempurung" (coconut shell).. Have fun fren