Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Finally ... Off with his Hair

Finally, Peter "Kojak" Tan aka Malaysia Lex Luthor aka Professor X has finally done it. Doing all for the sake of charity and Hospice. More info here and here. For a full story, click here

So here is one of the leng chai before and after (Courtesy of Peter Tan)


After.... Malaysian Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Koperasi

And now, as we awaits the more leng chai's and a leng lui with shaven heads

Peter, my friend... you are one of a kind. With people like you, and many great people... too.... I believe this is where the balance lies.... the ray of hope for humanity in the madness of today's world of high speed pursuit of materialistic and egoistic wealth.

There is hope after all .... for all of us. Knowing that the world will not spiral to damnation at breakneck speed, is a comforting thought. Peter, you have always put into perspective and reality check into things, we "modern" people take for granted. Issues that are morally and humanly wrong and illogical are put in their rightful place though people may in their closed mind think otherwise....

Note : To these type of people, ..... I really wanted to say (*insert profanity*)... But hey I couldn't be bothered by your small mindedness and pettyness... you have the right to be under your own "tempurung" (coconut shell).. Have fun fren

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