Sunday, November 20, 2005

Off to Taiwan

Hey.. finally I get to travel on business trip to Taiwan.... Bummer in certain ways... great because I get to travel on company expense to visit other manufaturing facility other than Penang. I will be flying out tomorrow morning... early. I might not be blogging then unless I can find free line in the hotel room which I heard from other colleagues who went that they have.

I think I will blog a bit about the bummer part. (**CENSORED 14 Dec 2006** somethings are better left unsaid in the cyberworld.... less we face complication later on).... will not talk about that anymore...for now.

Anyhow... I will try to take a bit more pictures to share with you guys. I know I know... remember to take pictures of chics right ??? Haiya... same request from all single ... no make that not married mah lat loh and mah lat chai... hahhhhah

See ya.. and take care


Helen said...

Finding me,

Wei, not only guys want to look at pics of chicks, ladies also lar!!! Pictures, Pictures, Pictures....!!!

Peter said...

Update oredi lar....!!!

Finding Me said...

ok ok .. dun be angry ok.... soon.... I know it is very long...give me some time :)