Monday, April 03, 2006

Note the Chinak motif.... well can't blame them.. since most of Taiwanese are Chinese.. at least the Twin Corn in KL does not have any malay, chinak, yindian motif like that... just plain clean sheer modern like building  Posted by Picasa

That's the shopping mall attached to it.. something like KLCC mall.... damn expensive stuff there.... Prada, Gucci, LV.... basically if it is cheap stuff it is not there... not even freaking Nike... unless I have missed it.... Posted by Picasa

Finally at the base of the ummm.... phallus like Taipei 101... I can't help it ok ? It really look like ... umm... never mind Posted by Picasa

Taipei 101.. in a distance.. here we come Posted by Picasa

Night scene below... what it looks like in the morning....nice looking park huh ? Posted by Picasa

Unknown tower in a distance I have mistaken for Taipei101... super blur..note the Red Colour display on top of the Fuji sign... it is actually telling the Posted by Picasa

Hmm.... Cool.. Taipei 101 in a distance... NOT. I have practically no idea what Taipei 101 looks like.. until I freaking see the brochure Posted by Picasa

Night Scene from the Hotel Room Posted by Picasa