Friday, October 07, 2005


Sometimes during our time here, we will meet up with great people. People who are great in their very own ways. Very recently I have met such a person, one whom when I first talk to already appeared warm and humble. I must say talking to him can be a very interesting and rewarding experience. Naturally I didn't even know he was quite a "someone" in blogosphere. Then I began to realise that I read about him somewhere... and very strangely he is also my neighbour... a stone's throw away.

He needs no other intro... Peter. Man you have just "levelled up" in terms my respect for you. You never cease to amaze me. You are simply awesome. Peter is currently running a charity event called Hair For Hospice charity campaign for Hospice Penang. They are running Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme, check it out. For more information, please visit the Hospice’s website at Please check out Peter's site for the donation information and other legal letters.

I have personally pledge a small amount to the cause. I have always believe and have been brought up to help those less fortunate than me or needed help. I am always be glad to help in any way that I can to charity's, old folk's home, special needs children and other NGOs.

To all my readers, I sincerely hope you can help out in any other small or big way that you can. I sincerely thank you up front for your generosity and considerations.

And now.. for something less serious... want to know how Peter will look like without his 42-month mane ?

Hmm Peter look's a bit weird doesn't he ?

Or this is weird ?

But I think it is ok lah.. better than Ju-on on minishorts site. I was reading her site that there are other reader that request that she go bald also. Of course she decline. There is actually someone offering RM 100 for her to go bald for the Hair For Hospice Charity Campaign. Well I mean Minishorts if you ever think what you will look like bald.. well here it is ala Kenny Sia style. Minishorts if you find it offending let me know. Although we only met once in Mid Valley with Peter and Wuan few weeks back, I hope you don't flame me.... Peter say you are a nice person. Anyway.... here goes......*strap on bullet proof vest and dig into trench and brace for impact

The Bald and Beautiful ...and gang

Finally, please donate and do what you can for the Hair For Hospice charity campaign. It is the least you can do as a person for your fellow human being. I thank you again sincerely.


Peter said...

You are so dead!

Bryan said...

I agree with Peter. LoL ...

Finding Me said...

wei Peter & Bryan, you always say I am so dead so dead. Yeah... yeah.. it has become like an empty threat. I am still standing ... I am still here alive and can still see you digging your nose from my apartment.. hahaha.... anyway Peter you say she is a nice person mah.. so ... eh better not penaya me loh abt her being a nice person

5xmom said...

Star Trek!!!!! Where's the ears? LOL!

helen said...

Finding me,

Hi, I'm glad I found you. I love Minishorts too and I've gotta hand it to ya... u got GUTS, man, giving her the bald look!

Take care.

Finding Me said...

Helen, Thks for popping by.I like reading Minishorts blog too.I didn't do it to pimp for attention lah.. but just for the fun of it... Just in case she want to reconsider going bald for charity. Anyway .. I am a bit puzzled why you glad you found me... ?