Tuesday, October 11, 2005

E-Gate Penang Bloggers Meet

Hair For Hospice - Penang Hospice-At-Home Programme

For all my post from now on until Nov, I will keep this small caption on the Hair For Hospice Charity Campaign that I am helping my friend Peter to spread the word.

You can click here to link to the Hair For Hospice post or visit Peter's blog.

Please help to spread the word by sending the link below to your friends. I thank you from the bottom my heart.


Ok back to business....Before I start, Minishorts they say you are going to kill me.. and I am so DEAD. Well I just want to say.... this is all for Charity. Spare me *sob sob*

I think today's entry is due.. and I don't want to procrastinate anymore or else it won't get done. Well I went to my first blogger's meet in Penang. It was nice I get to meet some of the nice and wonderful people of the Penang blog kampung.. hahahha. There's 5xmom and her cute kid, SapiensBryan, Really Bites, Kenny the TV King, Peter of course and Peter's friend, Eugene.. I think.

Anyway, I think it is great to have met some of the bloggers in person. Initially I thought I will be very uncomfortable with strangers.... but somehow these bunch of people ranging from mothers, students, lawyer potential.... I mean these people are just so nice. I just wish I get to meet more people from the Penang blogging kampung. I don't know whether it is because Bryan is not as famous as Peter which Bryan kept saying because of the poor turn out or Penang people really ... umm... kia-si aka takut mati aka afraid to die (literal translation) to show their face or something... Penang Bloggers.. I am really disappointed in you lah... but I will reserve a benefit of a doubt..

See you guys turn out in droves the next meet ok ? Haahha....

Ok back to Star trek 5xmom's favourite subject, Star Trek. I am still trying my best not to let the two nice gentlemen be Spock as much as I can. I must admit my Photoshop skill sucks big time...

The two Leng Chai

But after October comes November leh.... they will be this.....

The two Kwong Tau Chai

Note to Bryan and Peter .. Any second thoughts ? I think not so much of Peter but Bryan.... Dumm dum DAAAAAA.... Peter couldn't help but want to get rid of the long mane from all the constant nagging from the girls (you gal know who you are ok?). Pity Peter only.... there is only ONE of him and so many of you.. sigh....


Peter said...

Say your prayers dude... you are so dead.

yvy said...

hhmmm.....you no sked of dying hor? lol =P

well, i know it was fun coz my first blogger meet was a smash! :) 13 bloggers....VERY dahsyat!

well, it was MINI meet so, u kenot complain lar. maybe n HOPEFULLY the nov one will b a blast. :)

Finding Me said...

I just don't know what to say. To say ooo I am so scared would be asking for it. Some smart butt like you will inform her one. But I think you are a nice guy so you will not. Anyway I think she's too busy to bother with small time blogger like me.

I sure have a wee bit high expectation.. but will see how the Nov meet will turn out with the baldies around

helen said...

finding me,

Don't worrylar... you'll be martyred. Sacrificed for a noble cause... hee hee.

You met 13 Penang bloggers? Pictures neh?

Finding Me said...

Where got 13... more like 5 bloggers .. didn't manage to get 5xmom before she left... and really bites wants to be anonymous.. left me (anonymous), peter, bryan, and Kenny the TV king (he went to answer a call)... see see only 5