Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Week That Was....

Hair For Hospice - Penang Hospice-At-Home Programme
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A lot has happened the past week, it has been a pressure week for me. But somehow that is of little importance compared to the passing away of a human being. A person. A mother. A wife. A grandma. A friend. To different people, it has a different definition. But ultimately someone dear and close to heart.

20th October 2005
The Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood died at 7.55 am today at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Putrajaya after fighting a long battle with cancer. Endon, 64, breathed her last about 18 days after returning from undergoing a treatment for breast cancer in Los Angeles, United States. She is survived by two children.
The Star

It doesn't seem to affect me as much.. initially I mean.. but later on... I somehow felt moved and disturbed that a person... a being... a human being has breath its last and no more... For a moment there I am thinking of what the afterlife meant for this person. But I am distracted to a more emotional thought. What will it be like to leave behind someone whom you care very much? Hmm... sad isn't it? I guess it will be equally sad for the one being left behind.

Until that time when we have to leave, what will we do with the limited time we may have? What would you do? But a more pressing would be what are you doing with the time you have now?

As for me, I have too much attachments now to be able to leave in peace. Too much to just let go and move on.

Side note : Initially I am about to blog of some people who pisses me off after leaving cineplex from watching movie and lit up a fag.. air pollution in narrow corridor... cute baby being dumped... I think that will be some other time then.... again procrastination.... hmmm.... this is not good.... not fully utilising the time that I have. Some other time then... Don't want to spoil this post by me cursing and bitching ...


helen said...

Finding me,

Yes, I know what you mean. :-)

Take care of yourself & keep blogging.

Finding Me said...

Thks for popping by, Helen.. I truly enjoy your blog... I like your "Lit For".. I will post my "Lit For" someday