Sunday, October 16, 2005

Interviewing the Bald Men

Hair For Hospice - Penang Hospice-At-Home Programme

For all my post from now on until Nov, I will keep this small caption on the Hair For Hospice Charity Campaign that I am helping my friend Peter to spread the word.

You can click here to link to the Hair For Hospice post or visit Peter's blog.

Please help to spread the word by sending the link below to your friends. I thank you from the bottom my heart.

~~~~~~~~~~~Now Back to regular yak yak~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well last Saturday, Peter sort of "invited" me over to his place to show some support for the Hair For Hospice ... there is someone from Sin Chew paper I think dropping by to interview him. And I wanted to see his place although I stay near him, so this is the chance I get to see his place.

Certain things able body person like us take for granted are things that I begin to notice after getting to know Peter more. Steps before doorway, bathroom doors, height of kitchen stove and the list goes on. Ramp for steps and lower stove level are noticed. I think before I get to know Peter I wouldn't have notice these things and the plights of the disable people. I should say I am disabled-friendly-enlightened.

Anyway, Sapiens Bryan and Really Bites were there too. Peter "pressure" me by saying that some guys coming over from Air Itam also come to support while me staying a stone throw's away "also don't want to come and support meh?"... Hey I just woke up, had my breakfast and enjoying my Saturday morning mah!!! And besides I am social shy ok?

Anyway I went anyway after shower and everything... don't want to smell like a sweaty bum lah. Mom always teach me the good morality stuff ok... more on that some other day. Some chit chatting and photos later.. it was over...*hmm boy that was kinda short of an interview and photo thingy..... well I snapped some photos too.... but I think the one below is the best

Now ain't that a lovey dovey couple


helen said...

Finding me,

No need to be social shy lar... It's for a good cause what!??

Pictures where?

5xmom said...

Your photo leh? Only lengjai Bryan and hippie Peter ah?

Finding Me said...

aiyo you two ah che.. please dowan peik me lah... I want to remain anonymous lah...

lilian you saw how I look oledi mah... eGate Mini Blog Meet

Helen, next round meet in Nov .. you come see my face loh